Telescopic arm

Multi-functional joystick

Floating position

Work lighting

Independent heating unit

Rear hydraulic outlet


Tow equipment

FOPS/ROPS safety roof

Electric socket

Heated driver's seat

Framework design

Glazed cabin

Digital display

Equipment for operating on roads

Warning light

Protective cover


›  Simple and comfortable to control

›  Controlled using its ergonomic multi-functional joystick

›  Digital display

›  Safe and ecologic operation

›  Certified for operation on roads

›  Larger driver's cabin interior

›  Year-round use

›  Modern design

›  Attachments are simple and fast to switch


The machine is equipped with a telescopic arm fitted with a multi-purpose quick-coupler intended for connecting attachments, such as shovels, scoops, backhoes, snow blowers or ploughs, rotary mowers, etc. The machine is driven by a Kubota diesel engine, with an output of 22.5 kW, and is equipped with independent hydrostatic drive on all wheels. The driver's area is surrounded by a safety cage or glassed cabin, which can be heated using an independent heating unit.


The DAPPER 5000 series is a certified product, which has passed demanding operating tests, as well as strict technical testing of safety parameters, including FOPS and ROPS safety tests. These tests guarantee the maximum possible safety of operators in the segment of small loaders with articulated steering. FOPS/ROPS tests also confirm protection of the vehicle's driver sitting in the cabin against loads falling on the cabin and against the machine overturning.


Dapper půdní vrták


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